TYPO3techie is an eminent division of DRC Systems, which helps customers worldwide to develop relevant web solutions. Our team of TYPO3 certified integrators are highly experienced in delivering apt solutions to clients.

Our TYPO3 development services encompass solutions for developed countries worldwide wherein they can save up to 70% of the costs without compromising on quality and precision.

We ensure that we meet international quality standards since we always aim for long-standing association with our clients. Our TYPO3 services include TYPO3 website development, website relaunch, TYPO3 web application development, TYPO3 extension development, Migration of existing website to TYPO3, TYPO3 maintenance and update, TYPO3 training and hire TYPO3 professionals.

  • 16 TYPO3 professionals
  • Over 300 TYPO3 Projects
  • Working since 2008 
  • Constantly growing leading TYPO3 agency

Being an experienced provider of desktop, web, and mobile solutions, DRC Systems offers solutions to enterprises all over the world. As part of our corporate identity, DRC Systems uses pi - , which symbolizes our endless consistent efforts and quality measures that we undertake for all our clients.

Our four-pronged ideals of duty, wealth, love, and liberation helps us accomplish our goals within a corporate environment and helps us deliver customer satisfaction.


Web design & Mobile website design

The TYPO3Techie relies on user centred design. we create great experiences for people visiting websites, with proven tools and techniques.

Web Development

The company is focused on providing tailored and customized solutions to its clients based on their business needs and existing IT infrastructure.

TYPO3 extension development

The adroit techies consistently developing robust extensions for individual need. view TYPO3 extension references.

Migrate existing website to TYPO3

We at TYPO3Techie are aware of the various benefits offered by TYPO3 compared to your existing systems and can help you migrate, too!

TYPO3 update and support

The company development team delivers consistent maintenance and support to all deployed TYPO3 systems based on their nature of implementation.

Hire TYPO3 professionals

As part of our flexible staff augmentation process, we help our clients with dedicated TYPO3 developers for completing their tasks. Find expert TYPO3 team for you. 


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Our employees are TYPO3 certified. Productive and experienced team of TYPO3 developers.

Continuous and seamless communication with help of different media.

High quality TYPO3 solutions is habit.

we are specialised in TYPO3