Alliances and Partnership

The basis of this model is that at DRC Systems, we want our customers like IT consultants, Software Development Companies, IT departments and IT divisions of the larger business organization, Web Hosting companies etc. to focus on whatever they are best at and  outsource rest of their work to us. For us, an ideal partnership would mean a true contribution starting from fair understanding of the situation to collaborating with all the possible support even if it means going out of the box to travel that extra mile to satisfy the end customer. Our partners growth is our's in turn and this underlying fact drives us to give the best support to our partners.

We are open to adopt any kind of the alliance or partnership model that suites the best in the mutual interest and business benefit of each other. We have tried to highlight some of the probable options for partnership;

  • Software development companies or IT companies who have the scope to outsource their access work to the potential and promising companies like us. Also those companies who have requirement for outsourcing work for which we have the core competency in technologies like Open source system as TYPO3 or PHP.  End clients would always rely on companies near shore and we are seeking partners with those near shore companies who are easily accessible to the end client and reach end client very easily. This would bond the trust and the end clients will always be assured of the localized presence.
  • Independent marketing consultants or groups who would like to concentrate on their marketing strength and outsource their complete technical aspect of the software development work to us. We are open and flexible to exercise the option where you can sell the services using either of the brand names.
  • You can represent DRC Systems as your software development unit. We become your technical associates and carry out projects on your behalf as per your requirements.

DRC Systems believes and adheres strictly to observe the following practices while partnering with either individuals or companies or a group:

  • We never cross our limits and get in direct contact with your clients and that's our fair and ethical practice.
  • All the source codes and IPR are your proprietary and we deliver them at the end of the project.
  • For all our customer's with whom we have Non-Disclosure Agreement, we never re-produce any part of the project.
  • Any document that is confidential is not shared or made public.
  • All the technical aspects that are unique and part of the NDA are kept under wrap.