For the past 6 months I have been working closely with marketing and the technical team of DRC. After just having realized our first project together, I gladly testify DRC´s competence on international projects: Different native languages didn´t turn out to be a barrier. Neither did the time difference between Germany and India (they seem to work German hours ;-)). I experienced DRC´s great flexibility when priorities change, as well as the most result-oriented communication on complex issues. Whatever we conceived in our minds, DRC provided a solution for, not a compromise. Today, I still work with the same friendly team members as we started with at the beginning, and I am looking forward to go ahead with them oour future projects.


With www.bemomo.de, we plan to realize a complex website providing different online services to make our user´s everyday life easier. Our first service, which has been put online in January 2011, is a Cancellation Reminder for automatically renewable agreements. It will soon be followed by a subscription service for organic foods. We decided to realize these two projects with DRC because of their authentic company presentation, their employee´s good qualifications and their professional working approaches. Based on our good experience during the first project we assigned DRC already with our third online service, which will be a Birthday Reminder, and we are confident of continuing with DRC on future projects as well.


We've had the pleasure to work with DRC Systems for several months now and are very happy with the collaboration. I was especially impressed by the fast and easy way from first contact to briefing, to project kick off, and to actually seeing the first results. Developers and project managers alike have been skillfull, agile, dedicated, and pleasant to work with. I'm looking forward to further projects!


Ann-Kristin Delfmann

DRC Systems was a natural choice when we decided to use a CMS. Their TYPO3 expertise shone through in their portfolio instilling us with confidence in their ability as a company to deliver professional high quality websites. They quickly realised our requirements and helped us design and build the vision we had for our new website. They have been a pleasure to work with and have done their up most to help us achieve our goal.



I would highly recommend DRC systems. In our experience DRC provides excellent programming and service. There are few bugs in their programming and their fixes to these are very quick and efficient. Their communication is very professional and the response time is quick and with very good understanding of client needs.



TYPO3 developer from DRC Systems is more than a professional and experienced programmer; I enjoyed working with him because of effective and quick solution he provides. DRC Systems has huge potential for growth and prosperity into Web Development Field.

Manzi Olivier

Manzi Olivier