What is TYPO3?

If you are looking for high quality, reliable, professionally qualified and technically competent company working in TYPO3, then DRC Systems is surely amongst one of them. DRC Systems is one of the leading service providers for TYPO3 in this region of India with a full fledged department comprising of Designers, TYPO3 Developers and a Project Manager. Our TYPO3 division offers services that range from creating simple websites to design & development of complex web applications.

DRC Systems TYPO3's entire gamut of services is primarily focused towards providing solutions that can help in compressing your time and involvement and then assist your businesses connect faster, better and wider. TYPO3 solutions at DRC systems are backed by a consulting approach that generates ideas, evaluates business processes and helps you in formalizing an application.

There are several reason to consider TYPO3 as your content management system. We listed a few.

  • Free open source CMS and feature rich.
  • Virtually any type of website can be developed with TYPO3, from e-Commerce sites, web portal to informational websites.
  • Highly customizable and expandable. There are large numbers of extensions available for TYPO3.
  • Established and secure. There are more than 122 servers with TYPO3 (source: TYPO3.COM).
  • Ideal solution for the advanced management of website as it allows a refined log in for users and administrators of the website.
  • Effective graphics and content management.

The diverse features of TYPO3 are the best example of the infinite possibilities. TYPO3 is a Multi-tool, the Swiss-knife of Content Management Systems.

Ease of Use

TYPO3 provides in-built editors that enable users to easily format and publish content on the website.


The TYPO3 template library supports customized template creation using external applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. and imports them into TYPO3.

Rights Management

With the TYPO3 admin module the administrator can manage and audit trails with roll back changes to any page of the website.


Desired extensions can be downloaded and installed available with TYPO3 with their custom development using Extension development tool.


TYPO3 provides configuration language – Typo-script that can be used to configure and customize the templates that are being used to develop an application

Multiple Sites/Domains

TYPO3 has built-in provision that enables multiple domains to point to a single TYPO3 application.

Frontend Editing

Possibility to edit content from frontend, if this feature is enabled and allowed to your profile.

Full UTF-8 support

TYPO3 automatically optimize content for valid XHTML and supports UTF-8 characters for effective localization support.

Workspaces and Versioning

Workspace and versioning enables to effectively maintain content changes on page and clearly define publishing flow from editor to reviewer and finally publisher. TYPO3 supports unlimited versions of page and we can easily differentiate changes between versions.