TYPO3 update and support

The company development team delivers consistent maintenance and support to all deployed TYPO3 systems based on their nature of implementation.

Let it be your smallest need or any kind of requirement. Nevertheless, DRC Systems believes in building long term relationships. For us neither size of the job nor the price of the job matters. What matters us is the work and our customer's references. We would be more than glad to take up the maintenance work of any type for TYPO3 existing projects or newly developed projects.

DRC Systems provides unmatched support services. Whether the support is during the on-going project or after sales support or new support for some existing site, DRC Systems extends seamless service. With the help of our skilled resources and up-to-date infrastructure, uninterrupted communication you are assured that you get all your responses almost immediately whenever there are critical issues.

Currently our support medium is through Mantis - Task Tracking System, Emails, Telephone, Messenger Chats, VOIP and Skype. You can choose anything from the above means or we are also open for any new alternate methods that you are comfortable with and we will be there for you. You can let us know your needs and we can let you know the possible time allocation required and thereafter you can enter with us for monthly Support and Maintenance contracts.